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21 Sep 2005
The oncoming Gslist
All the enhancements for the new version of Gslist which will be
released in the next days are ALL about the web GUI (absolutely no
changes for the core at the moment) which now is really beginning to
Almost all the new changes come from one of the users of the program
which has given me many good ideas so if someone has other new ideas
I can try to implement them.
In the meantime the following are the new features:
reping list, experimental favorites, direct ping/join IP, custom
filter applyed to each game (the global filter no longer exist),
added system-tray feature which allows Gslist to be started and be
ready with a simple double-click on the new gslistweb.exe file,
added some others helps for building the filter, usage of
ShellExecute() instead of system() on the Windows version (available
only in gslistweb.exe) which for the moment doesn't work only with the
demo of BF1942 but for the others it starts the game faster than
before, different colors for the pinged servers based on the number of
players or if they use punkbuster or are full or password protected
and so on, added the visualization of the ranked/rated parameter in
the servers list and some bugfixes.
I have only some doubts about the removing of the global filter
because can causes some misunderstandings to who has used the older
versions where a simple modification in the Filter section was enough
to modify the filter used by any game... but now it's enough to go in
the Config menu and click on one simple button so this is probably not
a problem.
Anyway I wait your suggestions and feedbacks for other features.

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