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a blog? a diary? an abort of my mind? nobody knows...

11 Oct 2005
Thegui and time
I admit that the idea of the program THEGUI really rox but
unfortunately at the moment I'm not able to bypass the visualization
problem when a loaded program is running.
I have already tried with many ways to use threads but all these
solutions don't work (yes I have tried on both Win and Linux).
GTK seems to suck with threads so at the moment I have no ideas for
the new release, any suggestion is welcome since I have reached a
dead point.
Instead I have more ideas about the options-extraction from the loaded
programs in fact I want write a better and more universal parser for
being able to load also programs like Ace32, Rar, Zip and so on.
I think that someone has noticed the lack of news from a couple of
weeks and the main reason is that I have found a job which keeps many
of my time (moreover for the transport home->job and job->home) and an
usual lack of inspiration and interest for new projects.
Naturally I have found some new bugs but only for inertia since I have
really no inspiration at the moment... blah

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