Luigi Auriemma [PGP]

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  • Xbox ADPCM plugin 0.1.3 (in_xbadpcm)
    Winamp plugin for playing the audio compressed with the Xbox ADPCM codec.
    supports the wave files with both tag 0x0069 and 0x0011 (used for ima adpcm which "seems" close to xbox adpcm) and XWB/WBA/XSD/XSH archives which are seen as an unique audio file and with the automatic skipping of WMA and PCM audio.

  • Xbox ADPCM decoder and player 0.2.3a (xbadpdec)

    a very simple extractor for this type of files used by some Xbox games.

  • XWB/ZWB files unpacker 0.3.6 (unxwb)
    great tool for extracting the data contained in the Xbox files with the XWB, ZWB and WBA extensions and any other file which contains the XWB archives.
    it works from both GUI (double-click on unxwb.exe) or command-line where supports various options.

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