Luigi Auriemma [PGP]

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  • Close Combat First to Fight files extractor 0.1 (ccftfext)
    files extractor for the BIN/XXX and PWD archives of this game and hopefully other similar games which contain various texture, script and audio files.

  • FSB files extractor 0.3.8 (fsbext)
    files extractor for the FSB (FMOD Sample Bank) archives used by the FMOD library.
    it supports FSB1, FSB2, FSB3, FSB3.1, FSB4 and FSB5 and also the encrypted archives that can be cracked easily because it's possible to see parts of the original password.

    the tool has also options for listing files, automatic big to little endian conversion for wave files, -a option for adding headers to the extracted files for playing them with VLC or vgmstream (fsbext generates the header for all the formats like pcm, ima-adpcm, vag, gcadpcm, xma, mp3, it214, it215 and so on) and even for rebuilding the original FSB archive.
    the FSB files are used in a huge number of PC, Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo games so if you have one of these files this is the tool for the job.
    the tool works from both command-line and minimalistic GUI on Windows when the exe is double-clicked.
    Note: the mp3/delta format used by Fmod is incompatible with the standard players, so from version 0.3.1 fsbext dumps only the first mono/stereo channel or each series of channels if you use the -M option. this behaviour can be disabled with the -m option.

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