Luigi Auriemma [PGP]

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Some tools able to recover the encoded passwords or data stored by some programs when has been selected the "remind" function which saves the keyword locally.
Usually a classical passwords-behind-asterix revealing program (like Asterisk Logger for example) is enough to see any password but the purpose of this section is mainly showing what algorithm and solution has been adopted by the listed programs.
Remember that some programs (like Steam and PokerStars) use keys built using some unique parameters of the computer and so without having or restoring the original system is impossible to retrieve the right key and decrypt the saved passwords.
The final numbers within parenthesis are the exact versions of the programs tested by me (only needed if exist older or newer versions using different algorithms) and a link to the program's homepage.
Almost all these tools are completely automatic or easy to use through drag'n drop while others need command-line arguments.