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a blog? a diary? an abort of my mind? nobody knows...

04 Mar 2006
Free time... finally
Uhmm there are no updates here from long time, unfortunately the work
and the time spent to reach the place (about 3 hours) take all my time
and energy and this is really bad.
At the moment I'm at home for vacancy for 10 days (3 remaining).
The biggest news is that in these free days I'm trying to find as much
bugs as I can and at the moment the results are incredible, I have

08 Dec 2005
A feedback from a person inside Gamespy
I don't know if being idiot is a requirement to join Gamespy but the
following story shows a different (and scary) view of a part of this
company: from an almost admin in the helpers group.
The link is the following:
In short this is the story of one of the Gamespy Arcade users

15 Nov 2005
Undead bugs and people ignorance
It's not a secret that two of the most attended games of the year
(F.E.A.R. and Call of Duty 2) are affected by public bugs found and
published by me almost one year ago.
The shame is moreover in the fact that tons of people were and are
aware of these bugs (sure, they are publics!) except the same
developers (or must I say PUBLISHERS???).

22 Oct 2005
Monster Jam: come farsi fregare 35 euro
Summary in english: Monster Jam is a shame (at least here in Italy).
Gia' l'idea di far girare dei monster truck in un'arena usata
solitamente per le partite di pallavolo mi lasciava mooolto
perplesso (un po' come disputare un Gran Premio di Formula 1 in un
parcheggio) ma ho dato ascolto ad un mio amico e quindi eccomi
coinvolto in questa vergogna che cerchero' di descrivere molto

15 Oct 2005
Google Earth running on Windows 98
As usual also Google Earth is one of those applications which refuse
to run on non-NT Windows (like Win95/98/Me) for no reasons.
So I have installed the program on a Windows 2000 computer, copied
the folder in my Windows 98 system, modified base.dll and
GoogleEarth.exe (nothing hard, just less than 5 minutes) and the
program is ready to work.

11 Oct 2005
Thegui and time
I admit that the idea of the program THEGUI really rox but
unfortunately at the moment I'm not able to bypass the visualization
problem when a loaded program is running.
I have already tried with many ways to use threads but all these
solutions don't work (yes I have tried on both Win and Linux).
GTK seems to suck with threads so at the moment I have no ideas for

22 Sep 2005
Win9x kicked out and related project
Who still uses Windows 98/98SE (like me) or ME has noticed that lately
almost all the recent games don't work on this OS.
Sometimes the problems are not only in the execution of the games but
also in their installer and this last thing smells a bit.
In my tests I noticed that usually the incompatibility is caused by
functions like SHGetFolderPathA which is located in Shfolder.dll that

21 Sep 2005
The oncoming Gslist
All the enhancements for the new version of Gslist which will be
released in the next days are ALL about the web GUI (absolutely no
changes for the core at the moment) which now is really beginning to
Almost all the new changes come from one of the users of the program
which has given me many good ideas so if someone has other new ideas

18 Sep 2005
Why a blog?
I want to prefix a thing: this is an experiment.
Today almost anyone has a blog for useful or useless reasons and there
are so much blogs on Internet which is impossible to follow them.
Then usually blogs are used as bridges for news, in fact the same news
is repeated in 10000 different blogs which is not a very good thing
since means that a big amount of resources and space is wasted for

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