Luigi Auriemma


XM and AXS modules made by me.
the AXS modules need AXS or its Winamp plugin to be played.
I have placed a ! near those that I prefer or may be interesting to more people.
I like easy music tracks with repetitive patterns and poor effects, this is my type of music (yeah very '90s I know).
my music is released under the Creative Commons Attribute license

Main repository: GoogleDrive
Mirror: Sethioz

  • Inspired
    xm - MP3 !
    very nice dance track at 140 bpm with piano and happy melody.
    tags: techno, piano

  • Droplitz remix
    xm - MP3 !
    track made using some samples of the game Droplitz.
    tags: techno, remix

  • Unfinished tracks 1
    xm - MP3s: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 ! - 6 - 7 - 8 - vos - vos2
    Unfinished tracks...

  • Bugsline
    axs - MP3 !
    tags: intro

  • Maybe 2.0
    axs - MP3 !
    remake of another track of mine, great track and melody
    tags: space, relaxing

  • loop0
    axs - MP3
    fast kickass track in endless loop
    tags: loop, fast

  • Video7
    axs - MP3 !
    music for ReVuln video An overview of Online Poker security
    tags: revuln

  • Video6
    axs - MP3
    music for ReVuln video Battlefield Play4Free Arguments Injection
    tags: revuln

  • Video5
    axs - MP3
    music for ReVuln video EA Origin Insecurity
    tags: revuln

  • Video4
    axs - MP3
    music for ReVuln video The TV is watching you: Samsung 0-day
    tags: revuln

  • Video3
    axs - MP3
    music for ReVuln video A showcase of some of our SCADA 0-day exploits
    tags: revuln

  • Video2
    axs - MP3 !
    music for ReVuln video CryENGINE 3 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
    tags: revuln

  • Video1 (Microbase)
    axs - MP3
    music for ReVuln video Steam Browser Protocol Insecurity (when local bugs go remote)
    tags: revuln

  • ParaPara'
    axs - MP3 !
    very simple track but I can't stop listening it :)
    tags: happy

  • Boring
    axs - MP3
    the first "serious" part was written over one year ago while the second "badass" one was appended before the release.
    tags: techno, weird

  • Quick Kickass
    axs - MP3
    only a loop music I created over one year ago.

  • Ignorantissimo
    axs - MP3 !
    a nice and very simple track at 170 bpm.
    tags: happy, hard, fast

  • X2
    axs - MP3
    enough cool techno fast track but too much simple and static, so so.
    tags: fast

  • Happy Whistle
    axs - MP3
    good sound and a funny whistle, but nothing so interesting.
    tags: happy

  • Tetriz
    axs - MP3
    this is an old and quick remix of the Tetris soundtrack I made originally for a friend of mine, nothing special but it sounds good.

  • summer@home
    axs - MP3 !
    nice techno melodic track, probably I need to change something in it in future.
    tags: melodic

  • Idea
    axs - MP3 !
    short track (1:30) with a very very nice sound, try it.
    trivia: it is (was) the ringtone of my cellular phone and its distorted high frequency allows me to hear it even if my phone is very far by me and hidden behind a wall... cool :)
    tags: weird, melodic, cool

  • Sonathack
    axs - MP3 !
    atypical baseless track composed by a deep distorted bass (C64 style) and a very emotional melody.
    the original project was to write a remix of Moonlight Sonata but luckily the result was different and moreover better than my original idea.
    the track has a length of exactly 2 minutes and I can consider it one of my preferred modules.
    tags: melodic, emotional

  • Cagai
    axs - MP3 !
    very "cool" dance sound composed by two main parts in a total length of 3 minutes.
    tags: kickass techno

  • Arrirainbow
    axs - MP3 !
    2 minutes and half with a "happy mood" sound.
    tags: happy

  • pop_pop
    axs - MP3
    interesting track with a good background bass and ambient, but lacks of "character".

  • Mittico
    axs - MP3
    perfect example of trash techno (or just trash, so something not positive), what is defined "truzza" here in Italy.

  • Easy destruction
    xm - MP3 !
    very interesting experiment of a megamix of half hour.
    all the mixed tracks there are originals and have a great and captivating techno style which varies in each track.
    good to listen, I have received various positive feedbacks.
    I hope to have another "flood" of inspiration in future for creating another similar project.
    tags: techno, long

  • 4_patterns_test
    axs - MP3 !
    this is the first track I have made with AXS and also the longer of ever: 15 minutes.
    it's a very badass track with a nice main melody and a great bass which I could listen for hours non-stop.
    this is exactly the type of music that I love: kickass, long and simple.
    note for hasty people: the music starts at 01:15 minutes, the first part is only a small intro.
    tags: techno, long

  • Acido progressivo
    xm - MP3 !
    this track is a remix of the one included in the "Easy destruction" megamix and starting at minute 20.
    it's composed by a hammering drum with a nice bassline and a rhythm which increases constantly.
    tags: fast, kickass techno

  • Dreamz
    xm - MP3
    good idea and melody but probably the result requires still another bit of work.

  • Tape Revenge (ver2)
    xm - MP3
    happy dream progressive, the name derives from the beginning of the track which sounds like a strange old tape.

  • Adremoid
    xm - MP3
    strange experiment: simple melody and fast hard drum.

  • Collection of small mini game's tracks
    xm - MP3s: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 ! - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - idiot_tune
    this package contains 10 mini tracks (created to be played in loop) which I wrote for the game of a friend of mine.
    some of them are really very funny so take a look.

  • S.M.S. (Standard Melodic Shit)
    xm - MP3
    the beginning seems an oriental instrument but it's needed one minute to listen the great rhythm of this track, very good (despite the title).
    tags: melodic, fast

  • Minitechno
    xm - MP3
    an experiment I had in mind: it's enough relaxing and has a good space looking sound.
    believe me or not but it makes me sleep, I guess this is due to the type of sound and the frequencies (brainwave?) or who knows...
    tags: relaxing, sleep effect

  • Troppo progressivo!
    xm - MP3 !
    great badass techno track, I could listen it for hours... and sometimes I do it for real.
    tags: kickass

  • Only a poor techno
    xm - MP3
    experiment of minimalistic track, maybe not so bad.

  • Spirito calmo
    xm - MP3 !
    very good track in only one word: relaxing.
    try it!
    tags: relaxing

  • Distorted life
    xm - MP3
    nice melodic track with a great rhythm.

  • Dirt Melody
    xm - MP3
    2 minutes of a non-stop base and a melody which increases constantly.

  • HypNoisy
    xm - MP3 !
    the merging of a 220 bpm base and a quiet melody, in the past was one of my preferred tracks.
    not much good for headphones.
    tags: weird, fast, kickass

  • Spacez
    xm - MP3
    although the name recalls the space its sound looks like a "frog-techno" sound (don't play it with Mikmod).

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion Thanatos RMX
    xm - MP3
    techno remix of the fantastic music Thanatos by Shiro Sagisu.
    the result is good, maybe one day I will reput my hands on it for enhancing it more.

  • Atmospherix
    xm - MP3
    drum, bass, a micro melody and a sample derived from a distorted wav of the game Kiss Psycho Circus.

  • Randomly happy
    xm - MP3
    happy track with a good piano.

  • My first hard jungle
    xm - MP3
    as the title says, this is an experimental jungle style track very powerful.

  • Experiment
    xm - MP3
    a melodic track at 115 BPM, very very nice.

  • Shutdownz
    xm - MP3

  • WhaZisit?
    xm - MP3
    this track is really dark and "depressive" with a great bass.
    tags: old

  • Tekhno Depressi0n
    xm - MP3
    strange and very powerful track.
    tags: old

  • New
    xm - MP3
    the melody is a sequence of random notes but the rhythm of the track is really impressive.
    although it's very simple, it's really very good.
    tags: happy

  • Outrunz
    xm - MP3
    an old but very good remix of the Splash Wave track from the good old Outrun.
    tags: happy

  • Microbase
    axs - MP3
    nothing else than a quick and simple base... it's not that bad.

  • Bloodz
    xm - MP3
    lame remix of the Blood Thirsty music from the JaguarXJ220 game.

  • AlienBreed RMX
    xm - MP3
    lame remix of the Alien Breed game music.

  • Sweex
    xm - MP3

  • Asymetric Patterns
    xm - MP3

  • FUCKtheCommercial
    xm - MP3

  • Caos
    xm - MP3

  • Korall
    xm - MP3

  • 130 Bytes Per Minute
    xm - MP3

  • This song sux!
    xm - MP3

  • Sanstitre
    uhmm... strange but not too bad, just an experiment to use the MT2 functions of MadTracker.

  • Metrash
    xm - MP3
    techno/metal experiment, sounds very good.

  • Unreal Tournament Menu RMX
    xm - MP3
    this is the original track called "Into the darkness" with bass, drum and hihat added by me.