Luigi Auriemma

[email protected]


XM and AXS music tracks made by me... yeah they sound like the 90's :)
I have tagged with a ! the tracks I prefer or may be interesting to more people.
my music is released under the Creative Commons Attribute license, feel free to use it as soundtrack or background music of your Youtube videos and so on.
info about the "source code" of the tracks: the AXS modules need AXS or its Winamp plugin to be played, XM is a well known format natively supported in many players.

MP3 Mirror: Sethioz

  • Inspired
    xm - MP3 !
    very nice dance track at 140 bpm with piano and happy melody.
    tags: techno, piano

  • Droplitz remix
    xm - MP3 !
    track made using some samples of the game Droplitz.
    tags: techno, remix

  • Unfinished tracks 1
    xm - MP3s: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 ! - 6 - 7 - 8 - vos - vos2
    Unfinished tracks...

  • Bugsline
    axs - MP3 !
    tags: intro

  • Maybe 2.0
    axs - MP3 !
    remake of another track of mine, great track and melody
    tags: space, relaxing

  • loop0
    axs - MP3
    fast kickass track in endless loop
    tags: loop, fast

  • Video7
    axs - MP3
    music for ReVuln video An overview of Online Poker security
    tags: revuln

  • Video6
    axs - MP3
    music for ReVuln video Battlefield Play4Free Arguments Injection
    tags: revuln

  • Video5
    axs - MP3
    music for ReVuln video EA Origin Insecurity
    tags: revuln

  • Video4
    axs - MP3 !
    music for ReVuln video The TV is watching you: Samsung 0-day
    tags: revuln

  • Video3
    axs - MP3 !
    music for ReVuln video A showcase of some of our SCADA 0-day exploits
    tags: revuln

  • Video2
    axs - MP3 !
    music for ReVuln video CryENGINE 3 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
    tags: revuln

  • Video1 (Microbase)
    axs - MP3
    music for ReVuln video Steam Browser Protocol Insecurity (when local bugs go remote)
    it's a good generic background track for videos.
    tags: revuln

  • ParaPara'
    axs - MP3 !
    very simple track but I can't stop listening it :)
    tags: happy

  • Boring
    axs - MP3
    the first "serious" part was written over one year ago while the second "badass" one was appended before the release.
    tags: techno, weird

  • Quick Kickass
    axs - MP3
    only a loop music I created over one year ago.

  • Ignorantissimo
    axs - MP3
    a nice and very simple track at 170 bpm.
    tags: happy, hard, fast

  • X2
    axs - MP3
    enough cool techno fast track but too much simple and static, so so.
    tags: fast

  • Happy Whistle
    axs - MP3 !
    good sound and a funny whistle, but nothing so interesting.
    tags: happy

  • Tetriz
    axs - MP3
    this is an old and quick remix of the Tetris soundtrack I made originally for a friend of mine, nothing special but it sounds good.

  • [email protected]
    axs - MP3 !
    nice techno melodic track, probably I need to change something in it in future.
    tags: melodic

  • Idea
    axs - MP3 !
    short track (1:30) with a very very nice sound, try it.
    my preferred track.
    tags: weird, melodic, cool

  • Sonathack
    axs - MP3 !
    atypical baseless track composed by a deep distorted bass (C64 style) and a very emotional melody.
    the original project was to write a remix of Moonlight Sonata but luckily the result was different and moreover better than my original idea.
    the track has a length of exactly 2 minutes and I can consider it one of my preferred modules.
    tags: melodic, emotional

  • Cagai
    axs - MP3 !
    very "cool" dance sound composed by two main parts in a total length of 3 minutes.
    tags: kickass techno

  • Arrirainbow
    axs - MP3 !
    2 minutes and half with a "happy mood" sound.
    tags: happy

  • pop_pop
    axs - MP3
    interesting track with a good background bass and ambient, but lacks of "something".

  • Mittico
    axs - MP3
    perfect example of trash techno (or just trash, so something not positive), what is defined "truzza" here in Italy.

  • Easy destruction
    xm - MP3 !
    very interesting experiment of a megamix of half hour.
    all the mixed tracks there are originals and have a great and captivating techno style which varies in each track.
    good to listen, I have received various positive feedbacks.
    I hope to have another "flood" of inspiration in future for creating another similar project.
    tags: techno, long

  • 4_patterns_test
    axs - MP3 !
    this is the first track I have made with AXS and also the longer of ever: 15 minutes.
    it's a very badass track with a nice main melody and a great bass which I could listen for hours non-stop.
    this is exactly the type of music that I love: kickass, long and simple.
    note for hasty people: the music starts at 01:15 minutes, the first part is only a small intro.
    tags: techno, long

  • Acido progressivo
    xm - MP3 !
    this track is a remix of the one included in the "Easy destruction" megamix and starting at minute 20.
    it's composed by a hammering drum with a nice bassline and a rhythm which increases constantly.
    tags: fast, kickass techno

  • Dreamz
    xm - MP3
    good idea and melody but probably the result requires still another bit of work.

  • Tape Revenge (ver2)
    xm - MP3
    happy dream progressive, the name derives from the beginning of the track which sounds like a strange old tape.

  • Adremoid
    xm - MP3
    strange experiment: simple melody and fast hard drum.

  • Collection of small mini game's tracks
    xm - MP3s: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 ! - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - idiot_tune
    this package contains 10 mini tracks (created to be played in loop) which I wrote for the game of a friend of mine.
    some of them are really very funny so take a look.

  • S.M.S. (Standard Melodic Shit)
    xm - MP3
    the beginning seems an oriental instrument but it's needed one minute to listen the great rhythm of this track, very good (despite the title).
    tags: melodic, fast

  • Minitechno
    xm - MP3 !
    an experiment I had in mind: it's enough relaxing and has a good space looking sound.
    believe me or not but it makes me sleep, I guess this is due to the type of sound and the frequencies (brainwave?) or who knows...
    tags: relaxing, sleep effect

  • Troppo progressivo!
    xm - MP3 !
    great badass techno track, I could listen it for hours... and sometimes I do it for real.
    tags: kickass

  • Only a poor techno
    xm - MP3
    experiment of minimalistic track, maybe not so bad.

  • Spirito calmo
    xm - MP3 !
    very good track in only one word: relaxing.
    one of my preferred tracks, try it!
    tags: relaxing

  • Distorted life
    xm - MP3
    nice melodic track with a great rhythm.

  • Dirt Melody
    xm - MP3
    2 minutes of a non-stop base and a melody which increases constantly.

  • HypNoisy
    xm - MP3 !
    the merging of a 220 bpm base and a quiet melody, one of my preferred tracks.
    not much good for headphones.
    tags: weird, fast, kickass

  • Spacez
    xm - MP3
    although the name recalls the space its sound looks like a "frog-techno" sound (don't play it with Mikmod).

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion Thanatos RMX
    xm - MP3
    techno remix of the fantastic music Thanatos by Shiro Sagisu.
    the result is good, maybe one day I will reput my hands on it for enhancing it more.

  • Atmospherix
    xm - MP3
    drum, bass, a micro melody and a sample derived from a distorted wav of the game Kiss Psycho Circus.

  • Randomly happy
    xm - MP3
    happy track with a good piano.

  • My first hard jungle
    xm - MP3
    as the title says, this is an experimental jungle style track very powerful.

  • Experiment
    xm - MP3
    a melodic track at 115 BPM, very very nice.

  • Shutdownz
    xm - MP3

  • WhaZisit?
    xm - MP3
    this track is really dark and "depressive" with a great bass.
    tags: old

  • Tekhno Depressi0n
    xm - MP3
    strange and very powerful track.
    tags: old

  • New
    xm - MP3
    the melody is a sequence of random notes but the rhythm of the track is really impressive.
    although it's very simple, it's really very good.
    tags: happy

  • Outrunz
    xm - MP3
    an old but very good remix of the Splash Wave track from the good old Outrun.
    tags: happy

  • Microbase
    axs - MP3
    nothing else than a quick and simple base... it's not that bad.

  • Bloodz
    xm - MP3
    lame remix of the Blood Thirsty music from the JaguarXJ220 game.

  • AlienBreed RMX
    xm - MP3
    lame remix of the Alien Breed game music.

  • Sweex
    xm - MP3

  • Asymetric Patterns
    xm - MP3

  • FUCKtheCommercial
    xm - MP3

  • Caos
    xm - MP3

  • Korall
    xm - MP3

  • 130 Bytes Per Minute
    xm - MP3

  • This song sux!
    xm - MP3

  • Sanstitre
    uhmm... strange but not too bad, just an experiment to use the MT2 functions of MadTracker.

  • Metrash
    xm - MP3
    techno/metal experiment, sounds very good.

  • Unreal Tournament Menu RMX
    xm - MP3
    this is the original track called "Into the darkness" with bass, drum and hihat added by me.