Luigi Auriemma


Patches and workarounds made by me: unofficial bug fixes of the bugs I found (all referred to the latest vulnerable versions of the software, older version are not supported), No-CDs and more.
My opensource Lame Patcher tool is required for applying these patches as visible in this video or in the case of the NO-CDs simply placing lpatch.exe and lpatch.dat in the folder of the game and launching lpatch.exe.
The full list of changed bytes is ever available in the included text or .lpatch files so everyone can choose if applying the patch automatically or manually.
Note that my security patches must be applied only to servers (NOT clients except where specified) and are created ONLY on request.
Please read also my No-CD philosophy


Unofficial security bug fixes:

Generic players limiters:
  • Universal game players limiter 0.1.1 (playerslimiter)
    an experimental project implemented as a plugin for Proxocket (on Windows) or a shared library (on Linux) which uses a basic method for limiting the number of players from the same IP address (max 1 each 15 seconds) and for manually adapting it to almost any game which uses the UDP packets.
    the package contains a text file with all the needed details, the pros and cons, its current limitations and the quick step-by-step for using it.
    (note that you must export the functions as __cdecl if you want to recompile the plugin with a compiler different than gcc/mingw)

  • Universal game maximum players limiter 0.1 (playerslimitermax)
    exactly as above but with some additional instructions which limit the number of players to 3 (MAX_PLAYERS in the source code).
    suggested to avoid the problem of not being able to quickly reconnect which could exist with the other playerslimiter project.

Battlefield series:


Unreal engine:



Enemy Territory:

Jedi Academy:

Call of Duty series:

Soldier of Fortune II:

Quake 3 engine:

Medal of Honor:
Lithtech engine:
Gamespy SDK:
Race Driver:
Other security fixes:
Other patches:
generic step-by-step: copy lpatch.exe and lpatch.dat in the folder of the game/program and launch lpatch.exe

NOTE: For automatically patching your files, copy lpatch.exe and lpatch.dat in the folder where is the original file to patch and launch lpatch.exe
NOTE: ALL the No-CD patches you see here are made on the LATEST versions of the games/programs and the zip package contains also a text file with the MD5 checksum of the original file and the list of all the bytes modified.
Contact me if you know a new version of one of these softwares