Luigi Auriemma


06 May 2015 QuickBMS: QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.6.3a
fixed a bug in Strlen introduced in the previous version

01 May 2015 QuickBMS: QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.6.3
new Codepage command for utf16 to utf8 strings conversion (will be improved/expanded in future), base conversion in Math command (binary/octal), fix for the parameters in the Print command after the pipe, many new compression algorithms including also recompression (cpk, bpe and nrv are the most important), new argument for Strlen to get the full size of the variable, initial implementation of rsa encryption, command Append 1 improved to work with Goto, additional parameter in xor_prev/next to specify the operation on the last byte, fixed a bug in CallDLL introduced in the last version, QuickBMS version and information visible in the properties of the exe, restored compatibility with Windows 98 (_fstat64 caused by iostream)

01 May 2015 MyToolz: HEX2BYTE 0.3.1
better stdin input (binary and size), options for size of the elements, endianess and debugging

17 Apr 2015 Research: XWB/ZWB files unpacker 0.3.5
fix for MS ADPCM (thanks CTPAX-X) and additional choice to overwrite all the files

02 Apr 2015 MyToolz: Offbreak 0.3.1b
fixed the generation of the command-line of the program to execute

01 Apr 2015 QuickBMS: QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.6.2
tons of new compression algorithms, new Makefile for Linux, calldll from encryption/comtype with #INPUT_SIZE# and #OUTPUT_SIZE#, String with multiplication and hex2uri/uri2hex operators, a '0' added to the String operator allows to set an empty VAR1 in case of errors, rc6 encryption, xor_prev/xor_prev2/xor_next/xor_next2 encryptions, fix for getarray, added adler32 to the available crc functions, fix for a rare bug in reimporting, append 1 now allows to place the new content at the current position of the output file, source code of QuickBMS in a separate zip archive to avoid space and confusion, fix for using libtomcrypt, activated all the rnc compressions available, fix for xmemdecompress of native files (0xed magic), cleaning of spaces at the end of folder names in extraction, fix for filepath type. updated the compression and crc scanner to match the new amount of algorithms

27 Mar 2015 Research: Telltale TTARCH files extractor/rebuilder 0.2.6
automatic version 7 for GoT and TftB useful when encrypting the lua files, the tool no longer terminates if the archived lua files are not encrypted

25 Mar 2015 MyToolz: Offbreak 0.3.1a
added 64bit version and fixed the -t option for the trace file

25 Mar 2015 MyToolz: Offbreak 0.3.1
now by specifying the offset -1 it's possible to monitor the access to the whole file, added -E option to use an exception handler that may be useful in some rare situations

21 Mar 2015 Research: FSB files extractor 0.3.4a
small fix for getting the size of the last file of FSB5 archives, useful only with the -o -1 scanner

18 Mar 2015 Research: ORK files decrypter and extractor 0.1.2
added support for the ORC archives of Might and Magic Heroes VI, they are just encrypted ZIP archives so no list file is needed

18 Mar 2015 Research: orkdec filenames dumper 0.2
partially rewritten to work with more games and versions

18 Mar 2015 TestingToolz: One file only web/ftp server 0.6.2
added only the -b option to get data from the Windows clipboard

18 Mar 2015 TestingToolz: ATInfo 0.1
simple tool for calling all the API provided by the ATI SDK for their graphic cards

15 Mar 2015 MyToolz: Offset file unzipper 0.3.6a
support for files bigger than 2 gigabytes

15 Mar 2015 MyToolz: Offset file unzipper 0.3.6
added the -c option that allows to guess and dump the chunked files, option -D to specify dictionary, -d to visualize the hexdump of the data before and after the compressed streams, statistics information, offset where the compressed streams ends, amount of bytes between the current compressed stream and the previous one, zlib header and crc information, updated extensions guesser (strnicmp fix for Linux)

13 Mar 2015 Research: FSB files extractor 0.3.4
added the -M option that allows to dump the multichannel mp3s in separate files for each series of channels, highly suggested for maximum quality

09 Feb 2015 MyToolz: CmdDiz 0.2
added support for the new flg format, some improvements

01 Feb 2015 Research: Telltale TTARCH files extractor/rebuilder 0.2.5a
micro fix for the encryption of non-binary lua files

01 Feb 2015 Research: Telltale TTARCH files extractor/rebuilder 0.2.5
support for the new lua files (\x1bLEn magic) and key of Game of Thrones

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