Luigi Auriemma


23 Jul 2016 MyToolz: Signsrch 0.2.4
removed an unused buffer used with PE/ELF parsing, added handling of SHT_NOBITS in ELF parsing, fix for check_wildcard(), a couple of new signatures mainly for LZ4 so basically the database is still the same of 2013

19 Jul 2016 QuickBMS: QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.7.5
additional argument for FindLoc to specify the ending search offset, fixed a bug in FileXor/Rot/Crypt introduced in 0.7.4, small fix for the optional arguments of NameCRC, small fix for a rare bug in String, improved printf and sscanf operators of String, new compression algorithms, updated Oodle, isaac encryption, FreeLibrary called in CallDLL at the end of the script, -Z option for replacing all the archived files with zeroes in reimport mode, warning about impossibility to reimport files with wildcards, fix for the XSIZE field in the Log/CLog commands, fix comtype wp16, fix for recursive_dir with invalid sub_folders, improvements for set_utf8_to_unicode and set_unicode_to_utf8, realloc with usage of temporary file in case of failure with big buffers, updated algorithms and libraries, improved guessed extensions for some nameless files

19 Jul 2016 MyToolz: Offbreak 0.3.4
some options, work-in-progress features and small fixes added months ago

21 May 2016 Research: THPS HED/WAD files extractor/builder 0.2.1
some archives use no offset alignment so the tools try to guess them

29 Apr 2016 Forum: the full html backup of the well known old forum ( that I maintained till 2011 is online

29 Apr 2016 QuickBMS: QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.7.4a
fixed a bug in big endian Get byte/short introduced in 0.7.4

21 Apr 2016 QuickBMS: QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.7.4
fix for String 0 operator, Do While working with multiple conditions, Endian works also with variables containing the saved value, CallDLL usercall fix, added various compression algorithms, fix for filexor/filerot with negative offset, fix for overflowing longlong values read/written using quickbms.exe, simple progress visualization for reimporting, fixed reimporting of MEMORY_FILEs

21 Apr 2016 MyToolz: Mydown 0.3.3
new mydownlib

21 Apr 2016 MyToolz: mydownlib 0.3.3
removed port from the Host header, better NULL delimiter for files downloaded in memory

21 Apr 2016 Research: FSB files extractor 0.3.5
solved various extraction bugs (like the -m option), no improvements or fixes for rebuilding

27 Feb 2016 Research: Telltale TTARCH files extractor/rebuilder 0.2.9
fixed reimporting of Lua files, now the reimporting is a bit slower but it's safe for any future change

25 Feb 2016 Research: Telltale TTARCH files extractor/rebuilder 0.2.8b
added key of Walking Dead Michonne

25 Feb 2016 Research: Telltale TTARCH files extractor/rebuilder 0.2.8a
another fix for the encryption of single lua files with -e 0 58

31 Jan 2016 QuickBMS: QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.7.3
fixed the recent issues of quickbms 0.7.2* (back to 0.7.1 method), some new compression algorithms, fixed identification of comtype ppmdi_raw, fix and improvements for the parameters of the *tea encryptions, improvement of ZIP_AES, various parts of code set as static, small improvements of rsa_tomcrypt, String t and T operators to make easier the handling of html/xml

30 Jan 2016 Research: Milestone MIX files extractor 0.1.3a
compatible with archives bigger than 2 Gb

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