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15 Oct 2005
Google Earth running on Windows 98
As usual also Google Earth is one of those applications which refuse
to run on non-NT Windows (like Win95/98/Me) for no reasons.
So I have installed the program on a Windows 2000 computer, copied
the folder in my Windows 98 system, modified base.dll and
GoogleEarth.exe (nothing hard, just less than 5 minutes) and the
program is ready to work.
I don't know if I will release a fix because the installer refuses to
work so you still need a WinXP for getting the Google Earth folder or
to know where dowloading this entire folder directly (without
considering that future program's updates will re-overwrite the
modified files) but this is another proof that recent softwares want
to kick Win9x without real reasons.
As usual I'm open to new ideas for the project described here

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